Giacomo Meyerbeer: Il Crociato in Egitto

Giacomo Meyerbeer: Il Crociato in Egitto

Meyerbeer composed Il Crociato in just over one year, between September 1822 and the following autumn, at the end of the German composer's so-called "Italian period". Although this is an opera of great dramatic and musical complexity its première was highly successful with both audience and critics, one commentator accurately describing it as "a building of highlyapplauded construction". The plot, so rich in events, skilfully weaves historical-religious elements with private happenings and feelings. Against the background of the interreligious conflict between Christians and Muslims, the story of the main characters
unfolds in an efficacious alternation of grand choral scenes and solo numbers with arias and cabalettas. Il Crociato in Egitto was Meyerbeer's last and greatest Italian success and the opera that made his name on the international scene; it was also the first of Meyerbeer's grand operas to fall into disgrace. This La Fenice production, directed by Pier Luigi Pizzi, is the first in modern times and has Patrizia Ciofi (Palmide) and the male soprano Michael Maniaci (Armando D'Orville) in the main roles.


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  • Patrizia Ciofi, Ford Marco, Vinco Laura Polverelli

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  • Emmanuel Villaume

  • Il crociato in Egitto (The Crusader in Egypt) opera in two acts by Giacomo Meyerbeer

  • Giacomo Meyerbeer

  • 03:28:59

  • Venezia Teatro La Fenice