Baldassare Galuppi: L'Olimpiade

Baldassare Galuppi: L'Olimpiade

Remembered as the leading exponent of Venetian comic opera if not its absolute creator, Baldassare Galuppi opened the 1747 Carnival season of Milan's Teatro Ducale with an opera seria which he dominated drama per musica.
L'Olimpiade is based on the Metastasio libretto which served perhaps more composers of the eighteenth century than any other. Although respecting the format tradition. Galuppi managed by adroit cuts and additions (which naturally enraged Metastasio) to product a seamless sequence of colorful arias and recitatives delineating by musical devices the characters and emotion of the seven protagonists.


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  • Mark Tucker, Ruth Rosique, Roberta Invernizzi, Romina Basso, Franziska Gottwald, Furio Zanasi, Filippo Adami

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  • Andrea Marcon

  • L'Olimpiade - opera libretto in three acts

  • Baldassare Galuppi

  • 03:28:11

  • Venezia Teatro La Fenice